Back Pain When Driving?

Posture wedgeIf you experience back, hip or leg pain when driving that eases after getting out of the car and walking for a few minutes, then your pain is most likely being aggravated by poor posture.
Most car seats, like couches, place you in a position where your knees are higher than your hips. Next time you’re sitting, take a look. This causes your lower back/lumbar spine to lose its natural curve and either straighten or slump.
Correct this pain generating postural fault by sitting on a Posture Wedge. If you’re around the 180cm mark you may find the elevated position means your head touches the roof, obviously this is no good. I often pop out to patient’s cars just to make sure the Posture Wedge is a good ergonomic fit.Feel free to share this post with friends & followers.

It’s not a DISCaster

Disc BulgeA diagnosis of “disc protrusion” is not a disaster. When patients learn their pain is most likely being caused by a disc protrusion it can give rise to feelings of fear and anxiety. This is because many of us know or have heard about someone who has a “chronic” back problem. Often they have tried all sorts of treatment and possibly had back surgery. We panic about how it might impact upon our capacity to earn a living, exercise routine and family life.

Disc protrusion, like most health issues, may be mild or severe. The vast majority of patients with disc injury fall at the mild end of the scale and will have back pain from time to time that corrects itself over the course of a few days or weeks. Most cases of disc protrusion certainly do not end up in surgery! What is important, however, is to recognize disc related back pain in its early stages. This is particularly important because you need to learn how to prevent continually reinjuring your disc. Typically, with each injury the integrity of the disc deteriorates and bouts of back pain become more frequent and more severe, perhaps spreading to the backside, hip leg, calf and even foot.
So don’t be frightened by disc problems, but do take them seriously, and learn to “turn off the pain” and get back to living.