Canal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a condition typically seen in patients over the age of 65.

imagesCause: Degenerative changes of spinal bones or vertebrae, disc and ligaments leading to narrowing of the passage for the spinal cord or nerves.

Symptoms: Pain in the back and legs which may be accompanied by numbness and tingling.These symptoms are made worse by standing and walking and often cause the patient to take regular breaks from walking to obtain relief. Sitting relieves symptoms, however, pain returns after resuming walking for a period. This complaint is sometimes referred to as “window shoppers disease” because of the stop-start effect it has on the sufferer.

Treatment: Often managed surgically, it’s important to try conservative measures first as some patients can undergo spontaneous recovery and surgery is no guarantee that symptoms will not return. Along with your medical practitioner and specialist, Spine Smart can help establish the best management plan for you.

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