Regain Your Back Health



Back pain can come on suddenly without warning and can range in severity from a slight ache to severe lower back and referred leg pain. It can be a debilitating experience and in acute circumstances will immobilise or severely restrict movement.

This type of incident is also likely to send pain signals to other parts of your body creating a cloud of symptoms that if treated incorrectly may give you temporary relief but unlikely to heal the cause. With the inevitable return of the condition, your lifestyle is compromised preventing you from engaging in the activities you love or may even threaten your career with ever-increasing time away from work.

Spine Smart back treatment begins with a thorough assessment of your musculoskeletal structure and biomechanical analysis to identify the muscles, joints, discs or nerves at the centre of your pain. From there we will select individual or combination treatments such as; manual therapy, McKenzie Method or acupuncture to arrest the pain and begin the process of healing.

However we don’t stop there, you will also be shown ways to improve your musculoskeletal health so you can get back the life you enjoy.

Spine Smart specialises in the treatment of back pain and has helped thousands of people improve their lives through the successful treatment of conditions including;