Don’t make your standing desk a pain in the neck

fit smart casual man  standing at height adjustment tableStanding desks are all the rage at the moment, primarily because prolonged sitting has been linked to a myriad of health issues.
One common problem arising from prolonged sitting is back pain. Many people with back pain, exacerbated by sitting, find relief by employing desks that can accommodate sitting and standing postures, what a great idea!
Unfortunately, if we’re not careful we might simply be shifting the load from our backs to our necks. To prevent this from occurring you need to make sure that your monitor remains at eye level.
As you can see from the picture, failing to do so will simply result in stress and strain on your neck.
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Back Pain When Driving?

Posture wedgeIf you experience back, hip or leg pain when driving that eases after getting out of the car and walking for a few minutes, then your pain is most likely being aggravated by poor posture.
Most car seats, like couches, place you in a position where your knees are higher than your hips. Next time you’re sitting, take a look. This causes your lower back/lumbar spine to lose its natural curve and either straighten or slump.
Correct this pain generating postural fault by sitting on a Posture Wedge. If you’re around the 180cm mark you may find the elevated position means your head touches the roof, obviously this is no good. I often pop out to patient’s cars just to make sure the Posture Wedge is a good ergonomic fit.Feel free to share this post with friends & followers.