Is it my elbow or my neck?

Pain felt on the inside of the elbow or medial epicondyle is often referred to as golfer’s elbow.images
Interestingly, most people suffering from this condition don’t play golf.
Often the condition has a protracted history, lasting for months or even years and fails to respond to treatment directed at the site of pain such as; massage, physiotherapy exercises and local injection.
One of the reasons why treatment of the painful site can fail to resolve the complaint is because it’s often caused by the neck or cervical spine. This can be difficult for patients to accept because the elbow is often exquisitely tender to touch.
One study, published in the Journal of Sports Health, looked at a sample of 102 patients and found a strong link between neck problems at the level of C6-7, the lower neck, and golfer’s elbow.
I frequently encounter patients with golfer’s or tennis elbow who responded to specific neck exercises, even though many don’t actually have neck pain when they present for treatment.

If you’re suffering from elbow pain, particularly if it’s failing to respond to local treatment, make sure your neck is appropriately examined and excluded as a possible cause.