Disc Protrusion & Neck Pain

images-8A common source of pain and disability, disc protrusion are often overlooked in the early stages.

Cause: Disc protrusions occur due to chronic poor posture, general wear and tear or traumatic injury.

Symptoms: Like many health problems, disc problems can present with a variety of symptoms depending upon the degree of damage. Initial symptoms may simply include a slightly stiff and painful neck, especially when sitting watching TV, using a computer, or first thing in the morning upon waking. As the conditions worsens it may give rise to referred pain and tenderness into the upper back, shoulder, arm and hand. This referred pain may be associated with numbness, tingling and weakness.

Treatment: The most effective and safest way to treat this condition is with the McKenzie Method. Acupuncture can also play a role in reducing pain and eliminating associated muscle spasm. Disc problems are often aggravated by hands-on treatment such as massage and manipulation. It’s very important to understand the anatomy of a disc, if you have a disc problem, because it helps you understand how certain postures and movements may be causing your disc further damage.

At Spine Smart we place great importance on teaching you what we know about back and neck pain and have helped countless patients in Melbourne understand and overcome there disc problems.

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