Love Gardening, But Your Back Doesn’t?

Gardening & Back PainFor many of us, including myself, spring means gardening. Whether you love or hate it, one thing’s for certain, it involves lots of forward bending.

Digging holes, pulling weeds, lifting, cutting the grass, pruning and planting all involve forward bending or flexion of the lumbar spine. While there’s nothing wrong with flexion, when performed repeatedly or in a sustained fashion, it frequently leads to acute episodes or aggravation of lower back pain and sciatica.


• Think before you lift. Bend your knees & keep your chest up.
• Weed on all fours rather than bending down or crouching.
• Avoid long periods of forward bending. Spread the work over
a couple of days or a few weekends.
• Take regular breaks and reverse your posture.
• Avoid lifting and forward bending first thing in the morning.
This is when discs are more likely to be injured.
• Get help with heavy lifting.

Please feel free to share this post with family and friends, especially if they have back problems.