Piriformis Syndrome

images-1Piriformis syndrome is a rare cause of lower back, backside and posterior thigh pain that should not be overlooked.

Cause : Lower back problems can cause muscle spam in the piriformis as can poor posture, overuse and trauma.

Symptoms: Patients feel pain in the backside and hamstring region on one side only. Piriformis trigger points do not cause numbness, tingling or shooting pain, but if the muscle compresses the sciatic nerve, theses symptoms may occur.

Treatment: Acupuncture and stretches targeting the piriformis muscle are very effective at treating this problem and significant improvement should be obtained in 1 visit if it is genuinely piriformis syndrome. If you’re experiencing the above symptoms it’s very important that your lower back is thoroughly assessed, as disc problems commonly cause this type of pain and are a far more common.

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