The McKenzie Method – Providing relief for back & neck pain

SpinelogicpanaSpine Smart is home to experienced and highly qualified health professionals who specialise in helping people overcome back and neck related problems, using the world-renowned McKenzie Method.

The McKenzie Method, otherwise known as Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy (MDT) is a unique, research proven, outcome driven, method of assessment and treatment that gets results, requires fewer visits, and saves you money.

Research demonstrates most patients, at leats 74%, have a “directional prefence” (Long & Donelson 2004). This is a specific movement that when repeated, rapidly reverses symptoms and helps to prevent them returning.

Discover your directional preference and start getting better today.

The McKenzie Method can help you with:

Back Pain & Stiffness                      Headache & migraine 
Disc Protrusion                                Neck pain & stiffness
Pinched Nerves                                Muscular aches & pains
Sciatica                                             Sacroiliac joint pain (SIJ)