Sacro-ilaic Joint Problems

Unknown-1True sacro-iliac problems are rare. Most pain felt in the sacro-iliac region is referred from the lumbar spine.

Cause: SI joint problems are most likely to arise in women during pregnancy, when the ligamentous support of the pelvis is relaxed and less supportive in preparation for birth. It is also possible to aggravate a sacro-iliac joint by falling heavily on the backside.

Why then is it sore over my sacro-iliac joint?
It’s not uncommon for a referred pain zone to become tender to touch.

Why are they uncommon?
Because the joint is extremely strong. In fact, the joint often fuses to permit no movement later in life. Often pain diagnosed as coming from the SI joint is referred tenderness from the lower lumbar region.

SymptomsPatients with SI joint problems are generally worse walking, going up stairs and doing step ups, as they place the bulk of the body weight through a one SI joint when doing so.

Treatment: Because the lower lumbar spine often causes pain in this region, at Spine Smart we begin with a thorough assessment of this region first. If the joint is stiff or “out of place” then it should only require a couple of treatments to “put it back in place”. If you continually need your SI joint treated/manipulated then perhaps it’s not the source of your pain.

If you have SI  joint pain and you’re pregnant then advice on how you can relive the pain and potentially a pelvic stability support may help.

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