Spine Smart Tips

Posture & Pain

Many of the neck, shoulder, back and hip issues we see at Spine Smart are caused by poor posture, which is any posture maintained for too long. Typically, it’s periods of sustained sitting in front of the computer, watching TV, or studying where the effects of poor posture can take a heavy toll on our backs and necks, causing pain, restricted movement and potentially leading to long-term damage.

If your pain is aggravated sitting or as you rise from being seated and eases after a few minutes of walking, then posture is playing an important role.


Posture Tips

1) Sit with your knees below you hips.

2) Place a lumbar support behind your lower back.

3) Raise your monitor to eye level. If you’re using a laptop, purchase a wireless mouse and keyboard and raise the computer.

4) Take breaks every 45-60min and get up. Yes, he is doing everything wrong!